How it Works

Payroll Rewards offers a unique solution that allows business owners to process their payroll funding through an innovative service that will generate American Express Membership Rewards. How many more rewards will you earn each month? They Get Paid, You Get Points. 

Here are the next steps...


1. Apply for American Express FXIP

American Express requires PayrollRewards clients to utilize a non-credit processing tool in order to facilitate the transfer of business payroll funds to your payroll company. Click here for the Amex FXIP Application. 



2. Allow us to explain the process

Please arrange a time to meet with our sales personnel to determine your company's requirements and next steps. Click here to share contact information.



3. Take care of the important details

We will need to finalize our agreements and obtain necessary payroll processing details for your company. American Express will confirm process completion and we will set your official start date to begin processing with PayrollRewards.  



4. Start earning tons of rewards

Once we have all pieces in place we can begin processing each of your payrolls to allow you to earn tons of rewards. Where will you go first?


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