American Express Membership Rewards® Program

If you have an American Express® Card that is enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, you can earn Membership Rewards points for each eligible PayrollRewards transaction.

Points can be redeemed for rewards from over 500 leading brands in travel, shopping, dining and entertainment.  Earn one Membership Rewards point for every $1 transferred to your payroll company through PayrollRewards and choose rewards from an array of brands in travel, shopping, dining and entertainment.

There are so many ways to turn Membership Rewards points into rewards. Maybe it’s a gift that puts a smile on a friend’s face today. Or saving points now to take the trip of a lifetime later. Special moments and amazing experiences, small treasures and grand gestures – so much is possible with the Membership Rewards program.

Find the reward that’s right for you. American Express Membership Rewards points can be redeemed in a number of ways:

  • Travel Rewards - Use points when you book travel on AmexTravel.com. You can use points towards all or part of your flight, prepaid hotel, vacation package or cruise booking.
  • Gift Cards - choose from over 100 restaurant, retail, entertainment, and travel brands; or redeem for American Express Gift Cards which can be used at any accepting merchant.
  • Merchandise - shop online at membershiprewards.com for electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, home décor, and more.
  • Pay with Points¹ - use points at time of purchase when shopping online and in-store with participating merchants.
  • Use Points for Charges² - apply points towards eligible charges you've already made on your Card.
  • Donate to Charity - use points for a donation to any non-profit registered with Members Give.


American Express will award one (1) Membership Rewards point for every $1 of payroll spend initiated through this service. Fees apply. For a designated Card Member to be eligible to receive Membership Rewards points, your business must first enroll in this American Express service. Your business must also complete and submit to American Express a form designating an American Express Card Member who is already enrolled in the individual Membership Rewards program to whom points will be credited. With respect to a company enrolled in the Corporate Membership Rewards program, any earned points will be credited to the relevant Program Administrator Corporate Card linked to the company’s Membership Rewards program. If you select a basic personal American Express Card Member or a basic small business American Express Card Member (e.g., OPEN from American Express) to receive the award of Membership Rewards points, please note that the designated Card Member for that personal or small business account is authorized to determine how and when to redeem those points. You agree not to make any claims against American Express with regard to the manner in which the basic Card Member redeems such points. The American Express Card Member you select to receive the award of points, or in the case of Corporate Membership Rewards, the company, must be current and enrolled in the Membership Rewards program at the time the payroll transaction is initiated. American Express must have a completed registration on file for the Card Member’s Card account or company’s Program Administrator Card Corporate Card account. In the event a registered Card is lost, stolen or renewed, you must register the new Card by submitting an updated form to American Express with the new Card information. Processing of the registration form takes approximately 2-4 weeks. To obtain a registration form, call 1-888-391-9971. Points will be credited to the Card Member’s Membership Rewards program account or Corporate Membership Rewards account, if applicable, within 10-12 weeks after the eligible transaction is completed. Membership Rewards points that are awarded for Payroll Rewards transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of the Membership Rewards program, including rules regarding forfeiture of Membership Rewards points. Note that the rewards available in the Membership Rewards program vary depending on the type of American Express Card enrolled in Membership Rewards. The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. See membershiprewards.com/terms or call 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276) for more information. A company that is enrolled in Corporate Membership Rewards, and points earned under that program, are subject to the terms of the Corporate Membership Rewards program (see membershiprewards.com/CorporateTnC). American Express reserves the right to change, limit, modify or cancel this offer at any time. It is your responsibility to find out if you are liable for any federal, state or local taxes as a result of earning or using points.


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¹ To use Pay with Points, you must charge your eligible purchase through American Express Travel or through a Pay with Points authorized travel agency to a Membership Rewards® program-enrolled American Express® Card.  Eligible purchases through American Express Travel or through a Pay with Points authorized Travel agency exclude car reservations and non-prepaid hotels. Points will be debited from your Membership Rewards account, and credit for corresponding dollar amount will be issued to the American Express Card account used. If points redeemed do not cover entire amount, the balance of purchase price will remain on the American Express Card account. Minimum redemption 5,000 points. See membershiprewards.com/terms for the Membership Rewards program terms and conditions. If a charge for a purchase is included in a Pay Over Time feature balance on your Linked Account (for example, the Extended Payment Option), the statement credit associated with that charge may not be applied to that Pay Over Time feature balance. Instead the statement credit may be applied to your Pay in Full balance. If you believe this has occurred, please contact us by calling the number on the back of your Card. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.,when acting solely as a sales agent for travel suppliers, is not responsible for the actions or inaction's of such suppliers. We want you to be aware that certain suppliers pay us commissions and other incentives for reaching sales targets or other goals, and may also provide incentives to our travel counselors. For more information please visit www.americanexpress.com/travelterms California CST#1022318, Washington UBI#600-469-694, Iowa TA#669.

² Using Points for Your Charges is only available to Basic Consumer and OPEN Card Members enrolled in the U.S. Membership Rewards® program. Additional Card Members, Authorized Additional Card Members, and Corporate Card Members are not eligible. Account managers and Rewards managers may be eligible to use points by calling the number on the back of your Card but are not eligible to use points online. All Linked Card Accounts must not be canceled, past due or have a returned payment outstanding. A minimum of 1,000 Membership Rewards points in your program Account is required and you may use Membership Rewards points only toward the entire amount of an eligible charge. American Express will present the eligible charges you can use points towards, and we may change which charges are eligible at any time without notice. American Express is under no obligation to make charges available for redemption using Membership Rewards points. For each transaction, points will be debited immediately from your Membership Rewards program Account and a credit will be issued to your Linked Card Account for the corresponding dollar amount within 48 hours. Credits processed after the Card Account’s statement closing date will appear in the following billing period. You are responsible for payment of the amount due on your Card Account by the due date even after using this feature. To learn about this feature and redeem points online, visit membershiprewards.com/yourcharges